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Welcome to Ayelita!

The Home of Art, Creativity and Charm


hello there!

I’m Ayelet, the founder and owner of AYELITA​. I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Israel.

During the pandemic, I realized not only how essential art is, but how it can bring people together from all over the world. Instead of trying to find a platform where I could share my art with the people I care about, I decided to create my own online creative store.

By combining my love for traditional illustration with digital art, I create colorful, joyful, and inspiring art that would look as beautiful on a notebook cover as it would on a wall. I believe that making color and creativity a part of your life gives you the chance to notice the wonder in yourself and everything around you! It shapes our lives, ourselves, and the way we feel about both, so don’t be afraid to be bold. 

Here you can see some of my works.

You can also find my illustrations in my Etsy shop and in society6.

  • לוגו אינסטגרם
  • לוגו פייסבוק
  • לוגו יוטיוב
  • לוגו פינטרסט
african mother notbook


IF you are Interested in purchasing Ayelita's art prints or products at a wholesale rate for your shop please contact us and we will send you a catalogue.

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